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Healthcare & Pharma

Uncover criminal patterns and activities fast


Fraudulent activity and embezzlement are on the increase in healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations. Offenders include patients, employees, vendors, suppliers and providers – all of whom exploit security gaps in these industries complex end-to-end supply chains.

Countering today’s highly sophisticated scams is a tough call, especially when today’s criminals are involved in a variety of activities – everything from billing for services not rendered or misrepresenting service provider information, to engaging in the false issuance of prescription drugs or the misutilisation of services or equipment. It’s no surprise then that many healthcare and pharma firms are turning to technology to track and prevent further misuse. Applying analytical models and rules to identify those individuals or organisations conducting fraudulent activities, investigate incidents, and gather the evidence needed to dismiss or prosecute criminals. 


To help healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations stay one step ahead, Portal has created Portal Analytics (PA); a collection of proven investigative and visualisation software that overlays any existing systems to provide a single view of the truth gathered from disparate internal and external data sources.

Making connections between all these various data sources, PA automates the entire process and highlights unusual behaviours. Providing alerts for potential fraudulent activity that may have previously gone unnoticed. or would have taken take the equivalent of days or weeks to find.


  • Delivers timely, actionable intelligence that helps predict, identify, prevent and disrupt criminal and fraudulent activities
  • Uncover criminal patterns and activities fast
  • Fast identification and response to improper payment scenarios
  • Analyse both structured and unstructured data sets
  • Aids analysts and senior leads in the discovery of key individuals, connections, relationships, events, patterns and trends